Style Edit | Wishlist For Sunny Days

Nowadays, summery hot weather seems inevitable. Yes, I suppose there's still spring, but between us sweeties, I think I've run pastels and florals to the ground. This hot season, I want punchy brights and showstopping prints. Oh yes, zany cartoons, aztecs and the whole hurrah! I can't wait to find some great pieces to add to my closet =) Shoes-wise? I want white shoes. I have so many black shoes now, so I want those pretty white shoes that get dirty with every step (that will probably make me sad), especially these ASOS espadrilles....they're in my saved items already, haha. How about you sweeties? What do you want this summer? Do let me know, I love hearing from you, till next time,

- Che



  1. That is a pretty awesome Summer wishlist you've got going, I love that you're going bold and bright!

    Happy Sunday lovely,


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