Tee (DIY cropped): I forgot...hehe...sorry// Shorts & bag: local store// Jacket: vintage// Worn with Doc Martens


Happy Easter lovelies! Hope you had a great time looking for Easter eggs and enjoying some quality time with family. Anyways, here's the outfit of the day. This tee? It's not mine. One of my sister's friends lent it to me about three years ago and then I totally forgot. And I think he did too. So one day I'm looking for something to wear for a night out with the girls and guess what I see? This oversized tee. Perfect for cropping - which is exactly what I did. I only remembered it wasn't mine after I cut it. Do you agree with this grunge look I made with it??

On other things, here's something I've been wanting to rant about for a long time now. My lack of posing skills. There are girls out there who pose like a pro - a little jut of the hip and hand over the eye and suddenly it all looks right. But me, being the queen of awkward, I find it so hard to look right. And posing is so crucial to blogging! A good pose can enhance everything good in the outfit, and hide everything you don't want the world to see. I don't really know how to improve on something so...subjective. Do any of you feel this way? Or are there any tips you could share with me?? I waste tons of time taking photos just to end up with an unsatisfyingly weird batch (which I most likely don't post). I would really love to know what you think, my darling readers! Till next time,

- Che



  1. Lack if posing skills- you've got to be joking you always look awesome!! I'm jealous of your skills :)
    Beautiful look I live the skirt and oversized denim jacket x

  2. I love your whole outfit, always jealous of your wardrobe :)


  3. hi,Che. Your blog is amazing. I really love your cool T.:D


  4. I have trouble thinking of new poses...although I think you do a good job!
    Love that cool tee haha, you should keep it ;)

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  5. The polka dot shorts are super cute! I'm not sure I'm that great with my poses either, but I try. Just gotta try! :)

  6. Какой классный американский стиль! Очень нравится юбка)
    Приглашаю тебя поучаствовать и выиграть платье от Love! платьев много не бывает!


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