March Tidbits

I think this 'Tidbits' post will become a sort of semi-permanent post in my blog. The thing is, I take a lot of extra pictures, and sometimes, for some reason in my brain, I decide not to use them for a separate post, so I put them here.

Pepper Lunch - love this so much!

My spring accessory: the lightweight floral scarf

Mochi Sweets - Leon bought me all the flavors because he was guilty, ain't it sweet?

Oh my, oh my, would you believe it sweeties? It's only been one week into my new job and I am already dreaming about this summer holiday. Hmmmm...I have one plan in mind now, but I won't be spilling until everything is settled, trust me sweeties, you will know soon. I can hardly contain it as it is! So see you very soon,

- Che



  1. I like your shoes! <3


  2. Loving this kind of post. Lovely photos xx

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  3. hey, new follower and pretty outfit love the skirt ;)
    follow back, if you like. X andy


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