Vacationing in Manila

Hi sweets! It's time I shared my first round of photos with you, these ones of Manila. Right now I'm in Cebu, and I haven't been able to post very much because internet connection has been unstable and very seldom, but I will try to post whenever I can. Manila was a blur of malls and shopping for us! First in Mall of Asia, the next in SM Megamall... my sisters and I went crazy in Forever 21, and as you can see in the photos above, I already have some new stuff! We also got to watch 'Step Up 4' in the cinema, and see some art in the middle of the mall! 

Some fun stuff, but there are more in store! I will post as soon as I can =) See you lovelies,
- Che




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  2. the top is so cute. Your outfit look so lovely :D

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  3. Love the shorts! Have a great time in Manila<3


  4. Haha whenever I manage to hit a Forever 21 store, I go crazy too :b
    Are those leather bottoms I see!? Gah, I must know!! That's been on my wishlist foreeeverrrr.
    Anyway, seems like you're enjoying your trip. Hopefully your internet gets more stable!

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  5. love your style! from your outfit until the accessories details :)


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  6. LOVE all your photos in this post. Hey, how long are you here in Cebu? =)

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  8. thanks for the comment ! i love your blog and i'm following you now!


  9. Very inspirational. Lovely post follow now, hope u'll do the same

  10. Hi fellow Filipina! I love your blog. Followed. :) I recognized the tiny snippet of a pair of Forever21 leather shorts among your pictures. Heehee. Good choice. :) Hope you check out my blog.

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  11. Thanks so much for your blog comment!
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  12. very cool looks like you had loads of fun........... :) i hope you did
    much love
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)

  13. Gorgeous purchases from F21!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog btw!

  14. wow...Manila must be amazing. Great pics. I love your jeweleries.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm following u now, I hope you'll follow me back :)


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