Cebu | Historical Sites & The Beach

We were fortunate enough to be able to have a great guide for our trip; she would pick us up every morning to drive us around and bring us to the places worth going to on such a short span of days. Cebu is a goldmine of historical settings which happen to also be almost next to each other! The first photo is a shrine (of which I cannot recall the name) and right at the other side of the street was an old, ancestral home of a chinese family dating back centuries which was amazing because it had four dining areas - why a family would need four dining areas we never found out...there were also churches, forts, memorials, so many things to see. 

And of course, what summer vacation would be complete without a beach? My parents decided to go for the complete experience and booked a villa a few steps away from the beach - it has air conditioning and everything. So right after our long trip we headed there, and spent the rest of the afternoon just chilling, resting for the planned activities the following day; needless to say it was a perfect ending to a great day! Hope you sweets are doing ok, I'm currently so busy with the wedding preparations, which will be happening two days from now. So, I'll see you soon -

- Che

Top: Valleygirl//Shorts: DIY Wrangler men//Sandals: Steve Madden//Bracelets & Bag: local store


Photos by : Chezka Cenon



  1. Cebu is indeed beautiful, I'm very proud to call it home :D lovely photos by the way, its nice to know you enjoyed your stay here

    1. Oh yes, I was so in love! Will definitely be visiting again =)

  2. beautiful photos! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I live in cebu too. I see that you tried taho. How was it?

    A Hint of Sunlight

  4. You have just had an awesome summer! I'm just lucky I get to experience it vicariously through your photos and posts haha. Btw, love the beaded sandals - how cool!

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  5. Glad you had a great trip, sweetie!

    Thanks for sharing through your posts, your updates are always so lovely to read


  6. I love your hair. Nice ombre. Beauty photos.:) Let's go to my blog.:)

  7. I really love your sandals! Nice pics too!! thanks for comment my blog! I follow you of course, I think it inspire me! You follow me? thanks!


  8. Nice photos! The beach looks realxing :)


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