Mardi Gras Dress

Here's a short post for today. I just wanted to share this insanely awesome maxi dress with you! It's a local purchase from some no-name shop around Macau. I wore it to go with my parents and Leon to do some kitchenware shopping (Leon's more of the translator) some days before he left. Why such a festive dress for such a mundane day? well, mostly because I wanted to and because it was so hottttttttttttttttt! Just too hot to wear anything else. I couldn't help taking photos, although not outdoors this time because it was hard to find a spot to take photos without hitting anyone or without bystanders in the background (or foreground, which has happened). This M&Ms wall was probably the most secluded place we found, haha, but didn't it match the dress perfectly?

Anyways, more posts to come, sweeties! See you soon,
- Che


Dress: local store//Bag & shoes: local store (Zhuhai)//Cross necklace: Swarovski//Watch: Swatch


Photos by : Leon Li


  1. Gorgeous colours! Thank you for your lovely comment! Followed you :)

  2. Such such a beautiful dress! The colours are absolughtly gorgeous.
    Ally xoxox

  3. So colorful photos! That dress looks amazing on you


  4. Hey pretty girl!
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    I love this dress on you and your hair is so lovely.
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  5. Oh man, that dress is awesome!! Love the vibrancy of it :)

    Trendy Teal

  6. Nice dress.. So colorful!! :)


  7. fun and colorful dress!

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