Style Feature: Teen Vogue

Imagine my delight when Carla congratulated me this morning - after a gruelling mass celebration at our church (we were confirmed today.. wearing the white and everything) - and told me that I was featured as Teen Vogue's Best Dressed Reader of the day for the 24th of June! And I didn't know for two days - anyways, I am psyched and happy as a puppy :)) So much so that I could not sleep without posting this here so I am sorry if this seems so rushed -- anyways, I promise to have a new outfit post for everyone soon!

Thanks everyone for supporting me this far

- Che




  1. Congrats =) So proud of your achievement =)

  2. I found your blog because of the Teen Vogue snapshot! Your blog is so cute!

  3. Hey,can i just ask you one question?
    who is on weekdays to help you take pictures?

  4. Umm, I usually have help from my sisters and my friend CarlaViolet..we take pictures together on her bf's camera, who is my cousin..

    Thanks everyone :))

    - Che


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