Mommas know best

Hello lovelies! Today I'd like to let you know about my wonderful and her, we're like polar opposites, especially in style..she has the professional yet fashionable working mom look all covered, and I'm still..well..developing my style, but she (and my dad) has always supported me with my style choices and I think she knows exactly what would look good on me, case in point this lovely olive maxi dress, which I have used for a skirt. I just got home from work when she calls me and says 'so, have you seen the dress I bought you yet?? I saw it and knew you'd like it' and sure enough, there it was, and I love it! There are a few more items she bought for me but that is for another time - hint: A lot of orange!! :))

Anyways, this outfit I wore to go shopping by myself recently. I was gonna wear heels with it, but I wanted comfort so I went for black flats instead - I don't think it stunted me that much -- but I don't know..Do I look too short, lovelies??

I know this is the second post this month I've had wearing a maxi skirt, but I can't help it, I think these skirts are the comfiest things aside from pajamas!! Must wear more, and it is really hot here in Macao, so the flowiness works well with me

Anyways, I will let you know what I bought soon :))

Till next post, lovelies!!

- Che

Tee: thrifted
Skirt : gifted
Flats : Sunstar
Bag : Zara
Sunnies : Christian Roth
Shopping Bag : Stradivarius



Here's something funny that happened to me recently..

I was in such a hurry to get to an outfit shoot with Carla and some friends months ago that I lost a hat, a straw hat to be exact - so imagine my surprise when it turned up, two weeks later, on this girl while Carla and I were having snacks at Mcdonald's!! I know that was my hat because I spilled liquids all over it which made it droop like it did, and upon closer look it had the yellow stain I put on it as well!! Anyways, I hope you enjoy with your new owner, hat - damn, I need one A.S.A.P.!!




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