I am a Painting

Hi lovelies! Long time no post! I've still been pretty busy with work and other stuff that I don't really have time to shoot anymore, much less post.
So, what's been happening? Well, for one thing I won one of the shapewear for Carla violet's giveaway (no cheats involved - I honestly did not know I would win anything) so there's something to look forward to in the next few weeks -- and I just got my next salary, all within a week of getting the first one :)) so yeah, life is pretty good right now, forget the fact that it is now scorching hot in Macao. I have swimming to make me feel better for that :))

Anyways, these pretty floral harem pants, I bought them a long time ago, but only thought to wear them now! My closet is starting to look like a little forest and I lose new purchases just as easily as I lose the old ones in there. I really fell in love with the print that I had to buy it and bring it home -

Also in this post : my new blue suede shoes -- well, not new, my mom gave them to me as a bribe to stop my new, stupid habit. I've developed this really irritating new habit of biting my lip when I'm nervous or bored, and it's not very pretty, I'll tell you -

It's all very basic - perfect for the many errands I had on that day, before meeting up with Carla and Mister Penguin (her boyfriend, who is my cousin) to take these shots! Thanks Penguin :P

This last shot was very stolen-ish -- so that's why he wasn't clicking the cam very often.

Anyways, till next post, my lovelies! kisses -

- Che


Tee : thrifted
Pants : Mansi
Blue shoes : Millie's
Pink lipstick : Avon




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