Postcards from Amsterdam

Ahhh, writing you from the safety of my couch back at home, my baby cat by my side. I have been busy putting all my pictures in order and prepping my posts, and I have finally finished this one of all my best photos back in the beautiful, chill, Amsterdam.Sigh, I really enjoyed my brief time in Amsterdam. It was a great gateway to our insane travel schedule, and it was our first taste of just how cold it actually was. Hehe. Leon and I were more prepared than how we were in Taiwan,  but still, it was cold. But anyway, enough about the weather. Leon and I touched down in Amsterdam to amazing blue skies and brilliant sunshine. Since we were too early, and our room wasn't ready, we went out into the Centrale area for breakfast and some early morning pictures. Breakfast was an amazing Dutch pancake and a latte, btw.
Amsterdam looked exactly how I pictured it would be. Beautiful Dutch architecture, that feeling of freedom to do as you pleased, and friendly people wherever we went. It had a chill, down-to-earth vibe to it that I thoroughly enjoyed.

We went to the Central area twice in one day, walking from the train station to the outskirts of town. We walked through the Red Light district (and yes we saw the infamous ladies at the window), to the non-touristy residential areas that still looked as beautiful as the touristy areas but not as crowded. Though, I didn't find the touristy areas to be as crowded as with the other countries I went to later. And then there was all the food. We ate waffles, healthy poke bowls, and everything in between. Time was slow in Amsterdam, so we took our time and just enjoyed.

Another part I recommend going aside from the Dam area is the Albert Cuypmarkt area in De Pijp, where we bought all our souvenirs, among other things :) It's a different scene than the Dam area, more artsy, with stalls of street food, from their raw herring (which Leon tried, and I took a bite and agreed that it tasted like gelatinous sardines), to cheap but delicious Stroopwaffles sold by the tin, and curry Bratwurst. We spent a half day there and only managed to see half of it. So many more to see in the future.

All in all, I did enjoy my time in Holland, though cut short because of some travel issues that came up while we were planning our trip, but it just means I'll have to come back soon!

So, what do you think of the pictures? Have you or would you consider visiting Amsterdam? Let me know in the comments below. See you soon - Che



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