Amsterdam to Paris in Red Beret

I'M WEARING>> Coat: FF Studio// Leather jacket and sunglasses: Asos// Sweater and beret: H&M// Pants: Zalora HK// Bag: Stradivarius

This is the outfit I wore on our last day in Amsterdam and simultaneously, our first day in Paris. That was a good day for Leon and me. We ventured out of our hotel at the ungodly hour of 7:30AM in the morning and made our way to Albert Cuypmarkt in De Pijp. De Pijp is like the urban area of Amsterdam, an area with a lot of vintage shops, street food, and from what I see a more chill vibe than even the Centraal area. I am so glad we went here because not only did I get to eat a lot of Dutch treats, I also got all my souvenirs in this area, including one (or a lot) for myself. Oh, and there's a lot of cannabis souvenirs around here as well. Yes, if you're asking if we tried it during this trip, we did get some cannabis brownies, plus cannabis tea, just to see what would happen. The brownie did not affect me the way I thought it would, and trust me, because I waited for it to take effect, to no avail.  In the end I just shrugged and went to sleep.

Outfit-wise, I'm very particular about feeling as comfortable as possible whenever I know I'll be in transit. So no pieces that require any further thought once I've put it on, no heels, and no bags I have to lug around in addition to the two luggages I brought with me for this trip. I did compromise with comfort a bit though to put on this bright red beret that has completed many of my outfits before. While I did get some looks, none were compelling enough to make me remove it.

Anyway, after a quick romp through this area, some breakfast, and souvenir shopping that includes the perfect spring coat in cornflower blue for me, we made our way back to Zaandam, where we were staying, hauled our luggages and checked out, and then ran for our train with minutes to spare, ending our two-day trip in Holland. A shame, if you ask me, how short our trip was, but it couldn't be helped.

But, there's always part 2, someday. For now, I leave you these.

Till next time, lovelies! See you soon - Che



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