Sunshine Yellow Street

I'M WEARING>> Bralet: Boohoo// Trousers: Zara// Shoes: Nike// Jacket: Pull&Bear// Sunnies: 100 Hail Marys

Pyu pyu, I'm back lovelies! The weather has finally relented and given us beautiful sunshine and blue skies once again, and I couldn't be happier. Hey, if I'm to be subjected to this perpetual feeling of melting like an ice lolly and just general discomfort, then I'd rather there were blue skies outside so I could take photos.

I am so done with summer already - really my least favorite season. But I've been doing the best I can to cope with it - swimming being my main motivation to move at all from my airconditioned apartment. Really, you could tell from the one too many pieces I keep wearing on my body because I've never been a very good summer dresser. Either I insist on a jacket, or I break down and cry and vow to just wear intimates as outerwear for the rest of the month. I kinda did both here, but oh well.

Love this outfit, BTW, something whipped up on the fly as I ran out the door. I've been trying to match my makeup with my outfit too lately, but in this case I didn't much succeed. Anyways, just a lot of downtime at the moment as I count down the days till I'm back in Japan. The local news is saying it'll be extra hot, but I've always been an optimist. Here's hoping for the best, and see you soon, lovelies! - Che



  1. Ugh right? It's been extended sunmer here in Manila too :(

  2. Ugh right? It's been extended sunmer here in Manila too :(


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