Beat the Heat in White & Nudes

I'M WEARING>> Top: H&M// Pants: Monki// Shoes: Topshop// Bag: Bali, Gifted by KateeOTD// Sunnies: 100 Hail Marys// Earrings: Stradivarius

Aren't these so pretty? Yah. It's been a long time coming too, since Leon and I have never been able to master taking photos in direct sunlight - until now - and now I can't seem to want anything else. Unfortunately, Macau's summer is a fickle bitch. About five minutes after these photos were taken, the sun dimmed and disappeared altogether under some pretty thick clouds. We thought it would pass, but it didn't. Basically the sunshine didn't come back - hence the lack of abundance of pictures.

Outfit-wise...hmm...I dunno what to say, just that it was so hot, and any ideas to dress more elaborately were figuratively thrown out the window. Finally, I spotted this tissue-thin crop top I got at H&M oh about three months back and put it on. Then remembered why I never wore it - because it was compretely see-through. Eh, nothing a pinchy, annoying, but strapless bra can''t fix.

Then, paired with these jeans and those shoes (a pair I have not been able to remove since I first put them on, BTW), and this cute bag roaming around Instagram this summer - tada! Summer look.

Travel is on the horizon, and from all the news lately, all I can do is hope for the best for our trip. Then, it's back to wedding planning, school planning, job hunting, basically life-ing. But that's later, for now I leave you with this you amazing people. See you soon - Che



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