I'M WEARING>> Jacket: Hey Jude!// Jeans: Asos// Shoes: Fenty x Puma// Sunnies: Call It Spring// Bag: Something Borrowed

Hi Darlings! Long time no post! Again, I seemed to have dug myself into somewhat of a slump. Leon's not here, I feel like I'm homeless, and my face is breaking out. Haha. Sigh. Sorry to open this post like this. It's just been a bad week so far.

Anyways, here's a post just to show off this cool new jacket with the rose sleeves I picked up in Hong Kong recently. It was a 'Love at First Sight' moment: girl sees jacket, girl tries on jacket, girl falls in love and fails to see the price tag on the jacket until the moment she had handed off her credit card, girl is surprised but at that point already fantasising jacket joining her closet. Yep, you could say I overspent a bit on this piece, but it's black, embroidered, and cropped. What's not to love?

This was taken last weekend, in China. It was a fun, tiring, super tiring trip. This was the only outfit I thought of bringing, and yes, I know it's a bit underwhelming, but there's always next time.

I'm so sorry I haven't been present recently. I've been taking a personal break. I haven't forgotten about you, and don't worry, the plans are set for my next trip - Japan part 2, coming to you two weeks from now! Aren't you excited? I am! This time, Leon and I will take Okinawa and Fukuoka. If you're new to this page, let's just say Leon and I always end up finding ourselves in the middle of crazy travel adventures. After I finished the itinerary for this upcoming trip, Leon just looked at me and said, 'Babe, this is crazy'. Yep, this will be our craziest yet. It'll be fun! So see you soon! - Che



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