H&M Conscious Exclusive Spring 2017

Hi Darlings! I know it's been a while. I swear I didn't mean to make posts so sparse these days, but I've been feeling beyond tired lately. Almost as if my unhealthy sleeping habits are finally catching up with me. Yesterday, I slept 12 hours. Yes, 12 freakin' hours. I swear I usually never sleep that long, as I'm that person who subsists on an average of 3-4 hours of sleep.

This is probably my favourite H&M Conscious Collection, and it's all because of the cutest Barbie-doll dress ever, made with sustainable materials. What's not to love?

But, I'm back, and with a new post that's been a long time coming. Yep, Carla and I had the pleasure of attending another H&M showing, for the newest collection. One of my favourites, and it's all because of that sequinned dress you see above. I wanted to pick it up and bring it home, and, as I blurted out to everyone in the room "Wear it with sneakers and go grocery shopping". Yep. Let's just say I'll never live that down. Hahaha.

Anyways, have I told you yet darlings? No? Oh, I'm going to Japan...AGAIN! This time, Leon and I are taking Okinawa for a wedding, and then Fukuoka. We are going to drive again. It's going to be a blast again! I love Japan so much and I am so excited and I don't know what to wear! Hahahaha.

Oh well, I'll figure it out! I hope you join me on my trip via Instagram and this blog! So see you soon - Che



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