More Holidays Please

I'M WEARING >> Jacket: Asos// Tee: Reebok// Cami: Stradivarius// Trousers: Uniqlo// Shoes: Vans// Bag: Something Borrowed// Sunnies: Rubi

Oh yes please. I vote holidays 366 days of the year, or maybe not. I'd be bored in a week. But the five days we did have was definitely not enough. Leon and I stayed in Macau for the first two days, just chilling about doing nothing, then we moved to his hometown for some much-needed CNY holiday mood and lots (and lots) of Ang Pao (red pocket).

On this day, we woke up late, had a big breakfast spread, and then hunted down Mainland China for coffee. Not looked for, hunted. Haha. Oh and then I got myself a little something something from my favourite non-fave shopping place, Uniqlo. Yep, another one. Tee hee.

My outfit was comfy for the day, street with a little hint of sparkle to brighten up a dull, gray day. It was a mix of textures. 

Sigh, it's the weekend again, and we started it right with a family movie night at the local cinema for Resident Evil 6. Yes, I know, the story is non-existent, but it's a family tradition, and a guilty pleasure of mine. Can you believe I've been following these movies since part 1 in 2002? I can't either, haha. Anyways, let's see what Saturday brings, see you soon my darlings! - Che



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