Be My Valentine

I'M WEARING>> Jacket: Asos// Top: Forever 21// Culottes: H&M// Sneakers: Adidas// Sunnies: Sunnies Store// Bag: Something Borrowed

Happy Hearts Day, everyone, from this corner of cyberspace. Just a quick update on my valentines here in Macau:

John Wick 2, macarons, chocolates and cakes, and my sister's birthday. 

That was the glut of my week. Oh my gosh have you watched John Wick 2? The action is unreal. With the season of love coming in, so did my appetite for all things sweet and pretty. I basically put myself in a food coma with all the cakes, chocolates, and most importantly, heart-shaped macarons my husband has fed me all this week. Not that he starves me the other 364 days of the year, haha, but more during the love fest. Remind me again who thought stuff that made you fat was romantic? Haha. Kidding. I love all things sweet anyways.

Anyways, here's my latest outfit - a large dose of color and flowers. So pretty, so perfect. Oh, and the box contained my cake, which Leon and I decided just had to be in the pictures because it matched my shoes! Tee hee. Oh the little things we do for fashion.

Right now, I'm back in Manila with Carla for work. Verdict's still out on whether it would be a blast, or a curse. Wish me luck, lovelies! See you soon - Che



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