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I'M WEARING>> Tee: H&M// Jacket: ASOS// Trousers: Uniqlo// Shoes: Nike I.D.

Oh these colors, they've positively overthrown my usually brighter closet. All nudes, sort-of pinks, and the always-lovely olive green. These are the new black, if I should say so myself.  Anyways, I was gone for a bit there, I know that, but I have been digging myself in the longest funk I have ever had. I dropped the ball, sweeties. I lost my eye on the prize, and I still drowning. I don't know what to do next, what to wear next, just...it's been me and my thoughts these past few weeks. I'll bounce back eventually, and I'm still trying, but it takes time to get out of a funk. 

Anyways, this outfit maybe shows you my mood towards clothes, which is in the simple, garden variety style. Just a simple weekend look, taking advantage of a day that had that tinge of an autumn breeze - finally! not enough to break out my large array of coats I've been saving for the occasion, but...something. I guess. Oh and these trousers, I went on a shopping trip to get Leon some new clothes, and then I bought some new clothes of my own hahaha. These are probably the closest to trouser perfection I have ever owned, and I have two pairs - one in gray. This camel one, they didn't have it in my size, so Leon got it for me while he was visiting his family for the Chung Yeung Festival in China. Dunno what I'll do without him, honestly =)

Anyways, how have you been feeling? Your thoughts on the colors of the earth? Let me know in the comments, sweeties, till next time! - Che



  1. Looove this earthy palette girl - my closet is veering the same way currently! Killer bomber jacket, and digging the sporty sneakers you paired with everything :)

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  2. Wow the color palette of this outfit is fabulous and very autumn-esque! Love it!

    xo Deborah
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