Nike I.D.

I'M WEARING>> Shoes: Nike

A third, 'secret' present from my wonderful husband came one week after our little whirlwind mini-trip. You'd think a fully-prepped trip and a beautiful vintage number (a fringe jacket I can't wait to show you!) was enough, but no. Seriously though, it's the thought that he could fool me - turning our innocent 'playing around' with different models over Nike I.D. - and be adorable about it is what counts. As you can probably tell, I'm still smitten with my husband and photographer of two years.

Anyways - how pretty are these kicks? They fit dreamily and now I have shoes that say 'StyleChe', what's not to love!? 

So darlings, tell me honestly - yay or nay? I seem to have dug myself into a fashion rut lately, but as always, I know I'll bounce back eventually. So till then, see you soon! - Che



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