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Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush: c/o Irresistible Me

Straightening my frizzy curls? Nope, trust me when I say I would never do it again, not professionally I mean. But, even I have to admit that bad hair days are a common occurrence, especially for me since you'd never know how my curls would turn out after a shower. 

When the sweet people at Irresistible Me asked me to review one of their products, my eyes locked in immediately on this particular haircare gem - the straightening brush. Specifically, I locked in on the term 'Little to No Heat Damage'. As you can most probably see in my photos, my hair is fried frizz, I love it, but I've been abusive with all the colouring and the elements. If I was even going to attempt straightening products again, 'no heat damage' was going to be a major factor.

My verdict? It's a great product! There's no burning smell, no white-tipped ends that signified fried hair. I could only attempt a quick once-over, but it worked out quite well. For us curly girls, this product would be best on our roots. I love my roots a little neater because of all the short hairs I have there that just love to flyaway from ponytails, but this brush kept them flat, and hence, neat!

Anyways, what do you think? Oh, and darlings, I need your help. What's a good heat-resistant hair serum? Let me know my loves, and I'll see you soon! - Che



  1. these brushes are worth the hype then.
    thanks for this dear.
    definitely a must try.

    ❤ keyti

  2. I recently acquired a straightening brush I was so surprised at how well they work! Plus, they make it really hard to burn your head or ears, unlike straighteners. Great review.



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