Shenzhen | Over the Hills and Faraway

Hi lovelies! Well I'm back in Macau, sans Leon. Sigh. It was a perfectly comfortable couple of days away from my little home - not too far, but a whole different scenery altogether.

It really does feel like some faraway land, right? Cut off from the rest of the world where magical creatures just roam about.I was planning to make a quick change of outfits for these photos, just to have a variety of outfits. But...well, we got distracted by all the pretty colors and photo ops.

The place we went to is called Interlaken - an out-of-the-way resort town-cum-hotel. The whole place was basically a jumble of things, including a Swiss-themed town and hotel (where we stayed a night), a nature trail, amusement park, and a little bit of a Chinese-cultured jumble. In short form, everything in one place, which is to be expected in China. I can't say they did a bad job though! The place was something out of a fairytale, and not crowded to boot. I asked Leon why in the hell a pretty place like this wouldn't have more tourists, but he shrugged and said it was too far out. As part of his little surprise though, he rented us a car for the whole weekend, so we drove here.

The hotel is all sorts of pretty too! We stayed a night in the villa, overlooking the mountains, just gorging out on in-room dining and watching the day go by at the balcony. Perfection. It did rain the night before and continued till the early morning, but if anything, it made the weather bearable. I love mountain weather - almost reminds me of fall!

Oh and we bought bubbles. I love bubbles. Brought this wand around with me for the rest of our trip and twirled around making magic (okay, bubbles) anytime I could. Yes, just like I'm four. Haha, I still have it. I might go out later tonight to make even more bubbles, hahaha.

So, what do you think? Would you ever try to make the trip here? If for nothing more than the amazing view? Let me know in the comments, darlings! I'll see you soon - Che



  1. adorable clicks and you look gorgeous hun...xoxo, Neha


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