Too Cool for School

Jacket, Dress, Bag, Shoes: Forever 21// Shirt: Me & George Vintage// Watch: Asos

I knew it would happen soon enough that I will find myself in an almost head-to-toe Forever 21 look. But it was too good to pass up on this outfit once it got stuck in my head. I think schoolgirl looks, albeit in a more sophisticated manner, will always be a favorite look of mine. Call it the 'Gossip Girl' effect. Add in the fact that I was a very not-so-fashionable school girl once upon a time - well...just wanted to do it justice now I suppose. I mean, who's fashionable in highschool (aside from Blair and Serena, and their posse) or college anyways? I was in my weird phase all my highschool life, and my slob phase all my college life. my lovely oxblood leatherette jacket. It's perfect, noh? A little more special than the usual black or brown. I knew I didn't want too much bling in the outfit so I could show off the jacket more. I wore this outfit to church and then a small lunch with my family. Needless to say Christmas dinner was the topic of the day, and I realized that my parents were the best comedians when it came to serious movies, which took you out of the moment. Oh but can you hate them for it? Of course not, can just laugh along.

So, do you like schoolgirl looks? Let me know! See you soon - Che



  1. The jacket is so beautiful, I love the color!
    The entire outfit is really nice, you look very pretty. The ponytail really suits you :)
    Have a nice day ♥

  2. I really want that color of blazer!
    You're so lucky


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  3. Love the jacket! great look :)

  4. So I have a jacket that looks almost exactly the same and I was so excited, until I saw you probably spent way less! It is such a lovely jacket and I love the color and fit. Your whole outfit is amazing and unless you said it was from Forever 21, I would have never known!


    1. Awww, it's okay Denise. I think it was just an extremely lucky F21 find since I bought it in July! Hahaha...but I've also been known to buy something expensive then find something cheaper later! =) Thank you!

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  6. Freaking HOT jacket. Thanks for sharing and this is the last week to WIN a pair of vintage sunglasses.

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  7. Hahah that title says it all, you look absolutely great! I can totally see you enjoying your yoghurt aside to Blair Waldorf :) Great styling! | Room 95

  8. Am officially addicted to ur ootd !! xoxo
    Stay fabulous sweetie ,,, kisses


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  9. Not quite a fan of the school girl look, but hey, you look absolutely amazing in it! I was more of a grunge boho chic during as well.. with a touch of slobbiness :P. And hell yeah, the jacket is perfect!


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