BTW x Koite

Jacket, Chain, Jeans: Forever 21// Shirt: Stradivarius

Recently, I went to Hong Kong to celebrate the launch of a friend's collection. A little backstory before I go on - I met Tim during the latest HK Fashion Week (here), at the Raffles after party. If you ever get the chance to know me, you will find out how much of an awkward person I am in public. I mean, it's horrific. I had to leave the bar and get some fresh air because I was running out of things to tell the other people and I had to get away or else melt into a puddle. Outside, finally calm and in need of a cigarette, I met Tim. Yep, outside the party. Hahahha...figures.

Anyways, he was the Art Director of this new accessory collection, BTW x Koite, a collection of custom pieces that can function as either a hairpiece, brooch or necklace. Talk about versatile! And they came in these cool black and hot pink shades, like cotton candy for your outfit. Every little detail was planned out - there were cookies with their logo, stickers, oh and BTW x Koite postcards you can send to all your friends. The launch happened at Novelty Lane, a small establishment that showcases and sells the works of up and coming designers like my friend. I think it's so great to have that kind of support when you're starting out, and suddenly I wished I could do the same for my little island some day.

The affair felt more like an intimate gathering than a full-blown event, which is probably a good thing, since people were more relaxed and got to mingle and talk, all while admiring the various works of different, unique, local artists. There was wine, cupcakes and cookies - and fashionable people. couldn't be better.

Anyways, that's it for the day, and if you wanna check out the collection, you can click on the link below:

Feel free to look around. Everything is uniquely designed and you won't find many similar ones anywhere else. See you soon - Che



  1. I think that it was good :) nice photos and I see a lot of fun :) kisses

  2. wooowwwww the event looks so fun right?
    Happy December:)

    Kisses from Borneo, Indonesia...

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  3. Will be checking it out!! Looking cute together with the hub! :)


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