Hong Kong | Family Sunday

Blazer and Joggers: Pull & Bear// Tee: Zara// Sunnies: Bershka// Bag: Stradivarius// Shoes: Nike

A belated Happy Mother's Day to your lovely moms, grandmas, and aunts, sweeties! So last Sunday, it wasn't just mother's day in the family, it was also my sister's 20th birthday. And how do you celebrate being 20? Why, go to an amusement park of course! Hehehe. Since it was gonna be a long day and the weather was really bad, well, I kept the outfit simple. Joggers and a white tee - a blazer for warmth.

Sunday didn't make it very easy though. We woke up to a dark, dreary, rainy day. I left my I.D. at home so we missed our ferry, and my sister left her Instax camera on the ferry when we got to HK. It wasn't raining when we got to Hong Kong, but the skies were so dark you'd expect it to rain any minute. We were really hoping for a miracle, and I shit you not sweeties - it happened. It remained relatively rain-less most of the time we were in the park. Only upon closing time did it start raining, when we were on our way out anyway. So we got to ride everything. Being a crazy thrill-freak, well, we rode everything twice for good measure.

After a gruelling long day, we made our way down to Wan Chai to have Thai food - the same restaurant Me, Joana, Mr. Penguin and Leon were in during Fashion Week. Seriously, this is the first time in months I've had time to spend the whole day with family, and I love it. It seems like I have to try harder to spend time with them. We used to do everything all the time. And that is the end of my Sunday Funday with my family. Enjoy the pictures! - Che



  1. You look great, Che! Love this look <3

  2. Very nice outfit!would you like follow me?xoxo

  3. Looks like such a fun-filled day! You look so effortlessly chic in that blazer! And also, what product (if any) do you use to tame your hair? I have curly/wavy hair too and would love to know how to tame it :(


  4. Oh, I have a method I use - I wash, condition, put leave-on and then tie it up in a loose bun for a while before letting it down...it results in tamer ringlets most of the time! Also...hmm...Schwarzkopf leave-on was the best product I tried so far! You should try it =) Thanks for the sweet comment Kylie, feel free to ask me anything anytime =)

  5. Looks like you had such a great time together with your family! Love the family picture, so cute!! And, wow, how did it stay dry that day? Those kind of skies in the Netherlands mean: take cover!!!


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