Biker Chic

Tee: Forever 21// Dungarees: River Island// Shoes: New Look// Bag: Nessa// Shades: Bershka// Necklace (set): Pull & Bear// Bracelets: Forever 21, Puka Beach Boracay

Hi Sweeties! I have so much to talk about this time around, so let's start, shall we? First things first, I'd like to get this out of the way - I'm planning to take a short respite from blogging. Just for the next two weeks or so. While I don't plan to stop altogether, I do need a break. It seems that lately, my heart has not been in it. I'm frustrated, without inspiration, and getting more erratic by the day. It has stopped being fun and inspirational (though it's not all on my blog, just my life in general). So, a few days to get my bearings back - and hopefully I'll return with even better content for you.

A short introduction to my biker chic outfit, which, as you may have noticed is a literal kind of biker (and not the vroom vroom motorcycle cool girl kind). Yep, Leon and I went on a short biking trip just around the area. We were sweaty and hot by the end of it. I managed to scrape my knee, bruise my inner leg and almost run into a car. Oh happy days, hahahah! This easy breezy outfit was perfect - dungarees and a very summer 2014-appropriate muscle shirt with minimal accessories for kicks. Tee hee. I felt great FYI, though I usually don't like showing my flabby arms (gotta hit the gym!)

Now, as a treat, you're gonna learn a whole lot more about me. The sweet Jia, from Rough and Tough
has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger and Liebster Awards! So sweet of you girl! Basically I'm nominating someone else by the end of this so stay tuned till the end!

For the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD (7 things about yourself):

I love unhealthy potato snacks -  chips and fries. When I was on diet, this was the only unhealthy thing I did not stop eating. Chocolates? Gone. Cola? Gone. But not potato chips.

My goal in life is to own my own business. I've always wanted an events firm or be a designer and have my own brand =)

I watched Captain America 2 drunk...hahaha...needless to say I was even more insufferable than usual. I kept taking off the 3D glasses, complaining that I couldn't see anything, and complaining about the movie

I am a mega-geek, always have been. I love kaiju movies - I was first in line for Godzilla my goodness - superheroes, anime, popular fiction. I read so many books -  encyclopedia and parts of the dictionary included.

My favorite TV series are Sherlock, Castle, Modern Family, House of Cards, and Breaking Bad.

My favorite pastime is lazing around, doing nothing. I could do this for hours. I'm not proud, but what can you do?

I am so excited about getting engaged (and soon-to-be-married) and can't wait to move to our new place. I never thought I would ever tell you these words. Marriage has always been scary and a big taboo for me. Just not a path I thought I would go on. But now that it's here - well, girls, I am one happy cookie!

For the LIEBSTER AWARD (Questions from Jia):

Why do you blog?

I blog because I've always had a passion for clothes and fashion in general. Being a chubby girl for most of my life, wearing what I wanted did not come easy - because there were these 'rules' I thought were permanent, especially regarding chubby people - no horizontal stripes, all black, you can't wear this, can't wear that blah, blah, blah...blogging has given me the confidence to be who I am through clothes, and I want to share it with others, especially those who were at my position then, afraid to go beyond the dressing rules they think exist

Where do you see yourself 5-10 years from now?

I'm planning to be in Australia in three years to study for two degrees - one Masters and one extra course. So by five years I'll most likely still be finishing up on my course, lounging on the beach and continuing my blog as per usual =) Wish me luck this comes true!

If you could choose another person to manage your blog, who would it be and why?

It would be my good friend Carla Violet. We started our blogs together. She supports me in everything. There's no other person I'd trust my blog with =)

 Who is/are your style icons/life heroes?

My first style icon and life hero is my mom. She's still fashionable now at 55. She always looks put together and beautiful. She never leaves the house without looking lovely. When other moms were disallowing their daughters from wearing skirts, she was encouraging me to dress better, wear what I want, because I can

 What`s so great about 2013?

My life started going straightforward in 2013. Suddenly I had plans for the future, life and what not. Blog-wise, it was a good, stable year. 

If the world is literally coming to end tomorrow, what would you do for your remaining 24 hours?

First I would quit my job and tell my boss what I have been holding in for a while now. Then I would bring Leon to where we found each other, and finally do a tandem-bungy jump. We'll talk about the good times and the bad times. Finally we'll both go home, I'll buy some wine, and I'll spend the last moments with my family, laughing, reminiscing and staying together. 

I`m giving you a one-way ticket to anywhere in the world. Where would you go? It will go down to Paris or a small private island somewhere. If all else fails, Bali =)

If you could wear only one color for the rest of your life, from head to toe, what color is it and why?

All-white. Because white is always clean, elegant and looks good either casual or formal.

Which do you prefer: lots of acquaintances or a very few but great friends?

Very few but amazing friends. Trust me, that's better.

What is #1 on your bucket list?

Kindly check my travel checklist for more information. Hahahah....yes, I want to travel on all the places in my list. I wanna see and learn more.

Top 3 artists you could listen to anytime?

Lana Del Ray, Snow Patrol and Rihanna

Yep, whew, that's it! For my nominees -

Lucia Flores of Lucia Flores Design Diary
Frannie of Frannie Pantz
Verna Abril of Verna Bytes
Carla Violet of Miss Carla Violet
Rathana of Fab Fashionaire
Linda B of the Dragonfruit Diaries
Caro of La Blog De Carolinista
Johanna V of Handmade Dreams of Mine
Adly Velasco of Wish and Wear

Since the questions above are already awesome, tell me your answers on them and then we can compare!

So, I guess this will be the last post I have in May. Time to regroup for me, and June will be a brand-new month. I won't forget you loves, and hopefully you'll be back to visit come June! I love you. Enjoy the rest of May. See you soon - Che



  1. Your biker chic look is so stylish, love the sandals & sunnies.

    Ohhh my gosh, thank you so much for the nomination, sweetheart! <3 Really appreciate it. I've got the award a couple of days before :)
    I can feel you - sometimes you have no inspiration and you are not in the mood for blogging or anything else. Hope your return will be awesome and you will be full of motivation! xo Rathana ✪

  2. Enjoy your blogging break- sometimes it's best just to walk away from something and approach it at another angle (like fixing a broken photocopier). I hate potatoes so the thought if you so easily ditching chocolate but not them makes me appreciate how much control you have as chocolate is probably more common in my body then blood

    1. Oh believe me I was addicted to chocolate, so much so that my face blew up once from eating too many at one sitting ;) But I was always more of a salty foods kind of gal!

  3. Great post! First of all, I really liked your outfit with the overall shorts! Love doing that too:) Also...great pic with your reflective sunglasses! And finally, very interesting last bit with your nominations! Also love these kinds of posts because it really gives a bit of insight in a blogger's life:)
    xo Olivia

  4. Great look! Cool and edgy <3 Love the sunnies!

  5. Oh lord you look so cool!
    I will have to copy this look!



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