Boracay | Island Hop to It!

So, our trip is done, but it doesn't mean it's done on this blog yet. two. Finally, Carla and meet up and do number one and two on our list : Island Hopping and Helmet Dive. Sounds awesome right? Well it was! Definitely worth it =) And I know what some of you will be thinking, did she and I talk at all before dressing up? The answer is no, believe it or not this was pure coincidence.

Tee: Stradivarius// Shorts: Bershka// Slippers: Roxy// Sunnies: c/o Ana Jeffrey// Necklace: my room key (no, seriously, it is!)

So, the itinerary of the day was to all go aboard a boat and then make our way via ocean to three very lovely, different places, making our way through virgin islands and magnificent rock formations along the way. First stop was Crystal Cove (which I will be elaborating more in another post) but basically we visited two caves.

Next was the Crocodile Island - there are no actual crocs, just a large chunk of creepy, jagged rock, like a croc's spine and teeth - where we got to snorkel, and feed the fishies with some crackers. Then finally, the beautiful, almost secluded Puka Beach (much more beautiful than White Beach in my opinion) with sand made of powdery, fine Puka Shells. Our guide was friendly, helpful and he brought us to everywhere we wanted to go.

Finally, we went helmet diving with a 25 kg. helmet! Like damn, but it was worth it, in my mind anyways. I'm still thinking if I should post up the photos and videos because it was not my finest blogger pose moment, hahaha! =) Hope you're not tired of seeing the bright blue ocean...but no worries, the next post will be from a different view, so goodbye for now, sweeties - Che



  1. Oh wow this looks amazing, and you both look gorgeous! X

  2. these pictures are awesome! looks like you had a great holiday and lots of fun!

  3. These photos are absolutely stunning, how I wish I was on vacation right now! Love your sunglasses too! xE


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