Blazer: Me & George vintage// Bikini: local store// Cutoffs: Wrangler men (DIY)// Belt: Stradivarius// Sandals: Taobao

Ah, the Splash! party at Hard Rock Macau, one of the better parties I've attended in a while =) It didn't matter that there was no sun (actually it was a bit drizzly), or that I was too conscious in my swimsuit to move very much...with Leon and these two crazy gal pals of mine - and a lot of help from drinks - we managed to make it a very fun afternoon.

I didn't want to go at first, it was my day off and I needed some down time. But my day-offs are starting to look all the same...I sleep, I eat, I take pictures, then I sleep some more. It can get boring after a while...so a party at four in the afternoon was a nice break from the norm, keep things interesting! We just sat on the fake beach, drank some vodka lime (at first), and then took a dip when we couldn't sit no more. We also watched a live game of beach volleyball, made good use of the floating bar, and sat and talked and watched the other party goers.

The gorgeous girl in coral is my BFF, Clark. Yes, she's a girl! I know some of you must be wondering from my older posts. The other, equally gorgeous, girl is Anamae. They are a party...so fun, all the time! Needless to say they were what made it such a great day =) 

Leon and I rebonded over drinks. It's been a while since we got together in a different setting than a cinema or with him behind the lens all the time. Hope you guys have something as exciting happening! I would love to know them sweeties, talk to me. See you soon - Che



  1. omg those pink beach balls! ❤ i got dizzy staring at that building pic too, as always nice pics che :)

  2. lovely photos!! great blog ,.:_

    followed you dear :)
    please follow back (^-^)


    have a nice day!

  3. wow awesome pics!
    Emma xx

  4. omgggg that looks so cool!
    its gonna be common for me entering here <3 hope we could follow

    Sergio, xx

  5. Looks like such a fun time! And I LOVE those metallic sandals :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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