Hippie Summer

Cover-up: Me & George vintage//Tee: Zara// Skirt: Roxy// Shoes: ASOS// Sunnies: c/o Chicnova// Necklace: Stradivarius// Bag: Forever 21// Bracelets: Forever 21 and from Kenting, Taiwan

First of all, I credit this awesome vintage find to my BFF, Clark. I didn't see this special piece until she practically handed it to me and said 'this one's pretty'. It was pretty, and not a silk shirt, like most of the other items on that 20HKD rack was. I can already imagine it on the beach, with just my swimsuit underneath, watching the sunset. Oh yes, definitely coming with me =)

Anyways, I channeled my inner hippie into today's outfit. What's the verdict on the new shoes? They're Leon's present (but I chose them, hehe). Actually, I was supposed to wear my everyday denim shorts with this, but then I thought about it and said 'again?' so instead, I dug up this old denim skirt from my Britney Spears days. I still remember what my guy friend said when I wore this skirt for the first time...he asked me why in the hell I would spend a lot of money on a skirt just a little more than scrap of fabric if I could just buy an actual scrap of fabric for a tenth of the price and then pin it together. Haha...boys...they don't understand sometimes. 

But really, after a few months wearing this skirt, it stopped being cool to dress like Britney Spears, and then it retreated to the back of my closet. Good thing I don't define everything I wear by trends nowadays...it means I get to use my whole closet.

Leon and I had two great opportunities this past week. One - I got to take photos in the middle of this scenic street that is usually overcrowded with students walking home, enthusiastic tourists, and of course, cars. But it was closed off lately, because of maintenance or something. Good news for me! Another spot for photos.

Two, we got almost the same day off, which permitted a short stop to Zhuhai, China for a little R&R. I took some photos, bought a little here and there, and they will all be up here soon! So till then, enjoy your week lovelies - Che



  1. I must say...I really like your inner hippie!

  2. You look adorable in this outfit, like a doll and I love your jacket, that print is amazing, you are very beautiful!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  3. love your outfit! especially the shoes! just perfect for the summer season ;)
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,


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