A Hair Dilemma

Alright, gather round my lovely ladies, I've got a hair dilemma! I want something to happen to my hair and I sort of want it ASAP, and the new style I'm vying for is 'ombre' hair!

I've been wanting to do something with my hair for a while now but they always fell through - I've wanted blue highlights, stick-straight hair with blunt bangs, dreadlocks (don't ask!), and strawberry blond curls - yes, I feel hair-frustrated! I dream about a new WTF hairstyle every week

Now I want ombre hair before my last, self-imposed summer holiday is over..but I'm not sure if I should. Nothing crazy (though they are tempting) like blue dip-dye or rainbow hues, just maybe brown dipped into dark blond? What are your thoughts? I am doing this maybe next week, haha!

One reason I am so nervous is because I don't have a good history with new hairstyles, here's a look I did last year, where the hairdresser butchered my hair first, straightened it for a day, and left it a mess - all for a haircut with bangs (yes, shiver, sweeties! I still shiver when I see this)

Thank you in advance for your comments and advice,
I'll be back with a new outfit post soon!
- Che


Photos from :
Portrait of a mind (link), about.com (link), your-hairstyle.com (link), Caroline (link), old blog of Lisa (link), hair color ideas (link)



  1. Yay do it ;) I mean at the end of the day it is only hair.I ombred my hair myself and really love it.xx

  2. I am a huge fan of the ombre trend, so I say -- To ombre! :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. love ombre hair and i think maybe brown dipped into dark blond looks good on you! try it! :)

    visit my blog dear, new post is up! :) thanks :)

  4. a few months a go I dip dyed my hair in pink ehehe, its nice and something different, you should try it! nice blog btw, i'm going to follow you xoxo

  5. unfortunally i cant follow you right now, but ill try again later, xoxo

  6. OMG! do it! do it! *chanting* i've been wanting to get ombre hair too but my hair is too short. your hair is a really great texture to pull it off too!! u should definitely do it!

    p.s. i wanted dreadlocks too! lol

  7. I love ombre hair!!! I always wanted to do it too but I'm afraid it would damage my hair.. :(
    I think you'd look great with blue or blonde ends!

  8. I just bleached my short afro im going to ombre:-) im in love with ombre so just do it:-) i did it now i just need to find out which color i should put on the ends., you Can se the result on my blog:-)

  9. I follow you back! Maybe brown or dark blond!


  10. Love ombre, it must be beautiful on your hair ;)

  11. Hahaha, oh man, hair dilemmas are awful! I remember when someone botched my bangs too. Oh the horror...
    Anyway, I think you should definitely do ombre! It would suit your look and style perfectly :)
    I think the brown dipped into dark blonde is a good choice

    Trendy Teal

  12. Love ombre! You can propably try brown. Thank you for your comment!@ Following you

  13. love ombre


  14. I love the ombre look, but I have very fine hair so I can't do too much damage in it cause it will literally fall

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    Have a nice day ^^


  16. I think the ombre hair is awesome!!!:)


  17. hello girl,
    I really love ur blog, and I just followed you
    Would u follow back ?


  18. Que linda você ! Adorei seus look !
    Beijo =*

    Very beautiful you! I loved her look!
    Kiss = *


  19. dear, thanks for dropping a sweet note on my blog :)
    followed u now already thru GFC,
    hope u too.. :)



  20. Oh my, Love to try one for myself. :)


  21. That is such an awesome portrait!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Would you like to follow each other? :)

  22. and i'll answer the questions in portuguese and english, so you can understand eheh :)

  23. DOOO IT !!! ombre hairrr<333
    and oh yes, i can see why you're on the fence about doing it! most styles are on straight hair unfortunately. i hope you don't go back to that hairdresser! but you should definitely do it! if it turns out bad, you can always dye it back ;)

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  24. If done right, ombre hair can look really gorgeous! I say go for it :)

    The Tiny Heart

  25. I say TO OMBRE! I bet it will look amazing! I need to do one as well this summer :)

    XO, Imke

  26. i really want to do something to do with my hair. i would like to do ombre too. ive done a mohawk with curls down the middle & twist on the side. thats the furthest ive gone. well i think u will look good with ombre hair or try dip dying it.


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