Hi sweeties, today's post will be a bit different, so please bear with me. A correspondence at What I Wear emailed me recently about something very exciting (which will be for another time) and also asked me if I had any stories I wanted to share about fashion bullying against me or someone close to me. Well, it just so happens I have first-hand experience being bullied, and this opportunity came at a really great time, so I joined the campaign at once.

So let me tell you about a girl I will be calling in this post as Beth. She was my bestfriend once, and well, she made my highschool days something I would rather not remember, ever. Like any other girl out there, Beth had her own insecurities, but unlike other girls, she brought it out by displacing it, or in some cases lying about, other girls. I was almost always her target, and my time as her friend led to many hurtful insults on her part. I have been called piggish, fat, super ugly, weird dresser, etc. etc. I went on a crazy lettuce salad diet for a year because of her, and I never shared anything like my new purchases (which I always do with my current friends), family or personal matters with her, for fear of being ridiculed for it.

It got so bad that, a few years ago, I finally cut ties with her and resolved to ignore her for, well, the rest of my life. But recently, I found that my silence has led her to believe that I am bitter, and that I have become a laughing stock with her and her new 'friends', and also that I will have to see her in an alum party that will be hosted in our old highschool. It, of course, affected me. I hate that it affects me. So I stand here, on my blog, one of those places where I feel like myself, and do not have to fear ridicule.

This is not retribution against Beth, this is for me. I am letting go all the bad things she has ever said. I refuse to get affected anymore. I want to be truly over highschool.

And to Beth, wherever you are, I hope you're happy.

Hah, and that's it. That is a big ton finally off my shoulders. I really had to do this...I say no to bullying! Any kind of bullying. Normal posting will be back on after this, sweeties! To you loves who read it completely, thanks, to those who don't, I love you anyway :)

See you soon sweeties, say no to fashion/looks bullying too!
- Che



  1. Sad story :/ btw you have a beautiful legs!


  2. Oh this sounds really bad.Bullying is so +&%'#!!!Oh and you´re not fat,ugly etc.,you are a beautiful girl!xx

  3. Such an inspiration post. I agree that bullying is bad and my best friend was affected by it a while back. I understand what it was like for you and her! As long as you know your beautiful you are always beautiful!!
    Ally xoxox

  4. Thanks for sharing this story. Love your confidence!




  5. Oh wow, thanks for standing up for this cause and for sharing this story! Girls can turn vicious if they're insecure. But I bet it felt good to write that out. You're better off without that girl in your life!

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  6. awww.. I love the statement there :)
    I did a look for them too.. mine was a FAB b*tch. hehehe :D

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)xoxoRhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  7. Thanks for sharing the story, it's great that you got it off your shoulders. It's better to rise above girls like that anyway! Bullying is such a huge issue and I am glad that you (and a lot of other people too) are standing up for this cause! And this is very much off topic, but I really like your shoes :)

  8. Great post, say no to bullying always. It's great to see posts like these on blogs, good for you! And thanks for sharing your personal story, can't have been easy.

    Couture Caddy

  9. Hey thanks for the sweet comment and visit. Super styling. It's fun here with you:) Regards

  10. You so sweet Chezka , lets forget the passed and say no to bullying what ever type of bully!


  11. Hello Chezka! I like your t-shirt!

  12. Totally agree with you dear!!
    Thanks for your lovely coment in my blog dear!

  13. Ive dealt with so many people like that, just keep your head up and you're the bigger person!

  14. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog! Following you, please follow back xoxoxox

  15. You are absolutely beautiful and the past belong where it is, the past. Even though that is an awful experience it only makes you stronger. I'm glad you are now past it and you haven't stopped putting together the most awesome of outfits. Beth was just an unhappy person and unfortunately we run into those a lot in life. Please stay posting all these epic garments, and remember you are fantastic and gorgeous always!!
    All your followers will be here to let you know that :)

    Cheers! And very great post :)

  16. I am so sorry. No one should ever be treated like that or have an experience that even comes close to what you went through.

    I'm glad you shared it because now you are going to be making a difference and helping others. It takes way more courage than people realize

  17. love the post. no one should ever have to face bullying & no one should ever think that they could push other people around. no one is better than anyone else. we all have problems. i wish that out generation would come together & love rather than make each other insecure about one another. we need to find positive and creative outlets for them like blogging, fashion, painting, etc... sorry to hear that u have gone through bullying just like me. being different & unique is what life is all about & if people can;t c u for the good u have than they aren't worth the time. alittlefashionfix.blogspot.com


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