Thinking of Paradise

It's hard to love winter (even winter fashion, OMG, blasphemy!) when it is so cold outside that layers just won't cut it anymore and all I wanna do is crawl under my covers and wait for the weather to thaw. 

But of course that can't happen, so instead, I set my mind on warmer stuff instead, tropical islands, beaches, anywhere but the cold of Macao - which came out of nowhere I might add, one minute it was OK, chilly but balmy, and then, whooosh! I got the flu again, ugh! - Which is why this skirt, which is actually a dress I got in Bali, is perfect! Nothing says summer like a lively color like this, right?

I'm pretty sure it's only going to get colder! Be on the lookout for marshmallow jackets coming soon!

Oh, and I know I promised to show some photos of my christmas, but I haven't gotten around to uploading them just yet, I will soon!

Till next post lovelies,
- Che


Tee : Black Moss
Jacket : MPT
Cross Necklace : Church bazaar
Skirt : dress from Bali
Boots : Pull and Bear





  1. Hi! I like your style and the way you combine prints, it`s quite difficult in my opinion ;) I mostly stay on the safe side^^
    Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving a comment! And remember: just in two months it`s gonna be spring! :)


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