Late Christmas Post

Yes I know I promised to show this ages ago, but we didn't have a computer till yesterday..I can't believe we have a computer again! I feel like a hermit living under a connection to the outside world, and my blog!

Anyways, this was my Christmas! Just my family, Mr L and some close relatives...nothing special...but I thought I'd still share it with you guys!

We had a blast, we didn't get expensive presents or anything, but it's not everyday we get to be all together. And this was Mr. L's first Christmas celebration, so it was special for him and for me!

It's been a great year since...anyways, Kung Hei Fat Choi! or Happy Chinese New Year!

Will post my outfit soon-

Thanks for reading!
- Che

Sweater : Friendly Boutique // Dress (worn as bodycon skirt) : thrifted // Heart Necklace : Stradivarius // Wedges : Forever 21



  1. i LOVE your shoes in the first photo!


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