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I'M WEARING>> Dress: c/o 5 Preview via Popkorn MKT// Shoes: Nike// Bag: Stradivarius

Hi everyoneeee! So, I was gone awhile, wasn't I? A month, to be precise, because life just took over. It's been a very busy end of November and start of December for me. My friends and I, we decided that the thing to do right after I got married was to come back to Manila without the pesky responsibilities and just focus on chilling, shopping, partying, and eating. Then right afterwards, I was called back to work. So...yeah, I went from a ten-month holiday back to working girl in a span of a month.

But that's it, my excuse. I missed blogging, and I am working to get into the groove of it again.

And still so many posts pending! Like this simple but punchy outfit featuring my second piece I got to style from 5 Preview. At first I wasn't actually so into this outfit, because it was too simple, and the day was too dark, but now, well it has grown on me. And the first thing I thought when I saw this dress was that I wanted it to be the star soooo...I think I got that.

So I hope you all love this outfit. I promise to try and post more. 

Hope to see you again soon, lovelies! See you soon - Chezka



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