Ivan Rui | Blue Smoky Eyes

Makeup by IVAN RUI

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Hey what's up!? Today, we're doing something a little different than my usual fashion-y looks! Hear me out here lovelies, because we're discussing makeup. If you've been following this blog, or even my Instagram page for a while now (@styleche, if you're not!) then you must have noticed that I'm a big fan of makeup - highlighters that blind and lippies that garner a second look. For me, while I would think twice before splurging on makeup than, let's say, a new bag, it's something that I do enjoy having and doing on my face - but I kinda suck, hahaha. I say as much in this video. And I am surrounded by makeup lovers like Ivan and my own sister Kate (yes, we'll collab very soon!)

So, my friend (FOREVER, at this point) and makeup guru extraordinaire went for our third makeup collaboration, but with a twist this time, because he finally started his own beauty guru youtube channel. If you're wondering about our previous collabs, you can see them here, here, and here.

Now the look. When I first talked to Ivan to be collab with him, I mentioned buying a purple eyeliner, and would he like to put it into a look for me because I would probably just put it straight on my eyes and call it a day. But...just one problem, I haven't got it yet. So, we have something to look forward to, and this blue smoky eye is perfection. He suggested it, and I went with it hook, line, and sinker. I think you have seen my last post with it in the full outfit, and if you haven't, then it's here. Ain't it just perfect with this jacket?

Anyways, enough from me, just watch this video of us going a little insane. If you like it, please let my friend know, he'd love the loveeee. And let me know if makeup is something you would like me to play with more on my blog, because I do have my own collection of makeup I can show you. As always, let me let me know! See you soon - Che



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