A Hong Kong Minute

I'M WEARING>> Top: Zalora HK// Skirt, bag, and choker: Forever 21// Shoes: Vans// Lippie: Colourpop - Zipper

Hi sweeties! Greetings from the ferry from HK back to Macau, where I'm currently writing this next post. It's been a long day, but super fun nonetheless. So, my family decided on a short reprieve in HK for the weekend. We had everything planned - staying at a remote location to get ready for hiking at Tai Mo Shan (mountain), finding a reclusive waterfall, maybe go for a swim. Well, turns out my family does not fare better than I do in the travel planning category, because none of the above happened. Yep.

Instead, in a sudden stroke of bad luck, and then genius, we finally found ourselves at the Peak. HK was going through a rainy patch, but the afternoon burst out the sunshine in healthy doses. We had so much fun darlings, so don't fret. We're good =)

Anyways, outfit of the day is simple, but I guess I should have gone for something a little less...creasy. I hope my top doesn't give you cross-eye. Hahaha, it's so creasy.

So, what do you think of the pictures darlings? As always, let me know, and I'll see you soon! - Che



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