Danang Travel Diary

I'M WEARING>> Jacket: Levi's via Mayonnaise Vintage// Top and Bag: Forever 21// Skirt: Asos// Sandals: Birkenstocks// Sunnies: Yuyuan Market, Shanghai

And again, we close another travel chapter, which is always sad, but I am already excited for the new possibilities and places we may go to next. As of the time I went to Vietnam, I have already almost completed my tour around Southeast Asia. Now I'm only missing Cambodia and Laos on my map. 

Next on my list, farther. But nothing has been planned at the moment, so you can expect updates when I do confirm something. 

Anyways. I can't believe I got a little too ahead of myself, talking about new trips, when I haven't even sold Danang to you. Danang...in all honesty I loved Danang more than Hanoi. Our hotel, Diamond Sea, was one of the best I have ever stayed at - amazing service, good food, and a breathtaking view (which you know I love). Better yet, it was already directly across the street from My Khe Beach. Aside from the beach though, I think the reason I loved Danang was that it reminded me of my own little place I call home - Macau. There were two bridges connecting Danang City to the beach area (like the three bridges in Macau), it was a slow-paced, lazy town (like Macau), and it was humid (definitely like Macau, but that's not a compliment). If you are after R&R, go to Danang.  

Anyways, on our last day in Vietnam, we had a bit of a predicament because our flight was at 23:00PM. But we decided to wing it. We got up, wore our swimwear to breakfast, had breakfast, and then biked again to the beach for a morning swim. We were at the beach for almost three blissful hours. Again, not crowded at all. In the afternoon we went back into the town for lunch and a bit of souvenir shopping in the local market. I got dresses and pajamas for my sisters, my mom, Leon's mom. Tee hee. 

None for me, though, I was more than happy with my fringe bag. Oh and we had local coffee at the exact same place we had it on our first day in Danang, haha. Damn, the Vietnamese serve amazing coffee.  This is when things went a little downhill though, because as we were trying to find a taxi to bring us back to our hotel, we were approached by the bicycle cabbie we saw before, and so we decided we had time for a quick tour. It was crazy fun, with Leon and I sitting in a very weird position, and me taking a lot of pictures. But...then the cabbie tried to scam us. Way to destroy the mood, cabbie. Ugh. But, anyways, we ended the night at our hotel bar, drinks and fresh spring rolls in hand, overlooking the whole city. Till the end of our trip it was bliss. Would I go back? Yep. For sure, someday. Haha.

So, did you like my pictures of Danang? Oh and this outfit - Yay or nay? Let me know, darlings. See you soon - Che



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