Big Florals

Dress: Girl London// Jacket: vintage (Tom Tailor)// Boots: Monki// Sunnies: Ana Jeffrey// Bag: Stradivarius

Whew, finally a post for you today. It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I'm not very time-savvy, and I honestly cannot believe how some people can just fit everything they need to do in a mere 24 hours. But I've survived this far being me, so I'm doing something right. In all the years I've been posting for you, I think I've mentioned many times that I'm more of a seperates girl. But now I understand the need to have a few good dress choices. This is one of those dresses. Big florals and a straight t-shirt fit, just the comfiest thing I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. 

I wore it with simple sandals and a straw clutch for a day of errands, then changed into booties and a statement necklace for dinner and drinks at night. So fxxking versatile.

I recently realized how much I loved having people over at my house. I buy wine, make snacks, salad, cocktails and then bring them home later. Is that a sign of growing up? I never thought I'd like it. Wasn't my style. My friends still tell stories of my drunken escapades of yesteryear. Having one too many tequila shots in high heels. But nope nope, now it's about great wine, good food and great conversations with amazing friends. No drunkness involved. If you're ever in Macau, call me. We'll have a great conversation while having some yum yum wine.

Anyways, do you like the dress? How would you wear a dress like this? - Che



  1. If I ever pass through Macau I'm definitely hitting you up then haha. You and Carla - that would be amazing! :D
    Haha, anyway, yes to adulting. It's hard (and I'm not quite there yet), but it has its perks (like good wine, mmmmm).
    Love this outfit Che, the bold floral dress is spectacular, and I love how the silver necklace accents it!

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    1. Oh for sure Linda, we'll show you around, take outfit pictures then have wine hahahha :) :)

  2. Love this dress. The prints are too cute <3

    Looking forward to see more of your posts. Do you have an instagram account? Maybe we could follow each other. Let me know by leaving a comment on my blog or sending me a request. I'll follow back :) Thanks!

    IG: @shairangelique

    Have a nice day!



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