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I love doing these kinds of posts. For this year's holiday gift guide, it will be a little different. This year we are doing it for men because if all those posts are to be followed, they are aliens from another planet and what may be good for us gals will not be for them. Being the crazy Christmas fanatic that I am, I've already done my shopping. But I know many of you have not. So for this post, what do you get those special men in your life? Find out below:


Sweater: Patagonia// Earphones: Beats by Dr Dre// Watch: Fossil// Keyring: The Moustache Club// Sneakers: Vans// Phone Case: Scotch and Soda

For your significant other, I always recommend giving them things they would not usually buy for themselves - either because they never considered it before, or maybe you know it would suit them even if they don't know it themselves, like: 

1) A sweater in a color other than black, gray or navy. While those are the most versatile colors in a man's wardrobe, it's not fun and almost utilitarian. I think a sweater in forest green or burgundy/red would still be versatile but a little more special.

2) Cool, techie items. Your SO has most probably mentioned a tech item he likes during the course of your many conversations. Many guys usually do that, sometimes without even noticing. Or he might have been using the same battered up earphones that came with his phone for the last few months. If that's the case, update his tech with a cool new set like the earphones above, which are wireless, perfect for running and exercise.

3) A good watch. Yes, he probably loves that novelty item watch with Mickey Mouse on its face, but there's a time for that, and there's a time for a serious, adult watch - like, you know, at job interviews and meetings. It doesn't have to be super expensive. I find Fossil watches to be both expensive-looking, and really cool, but it's not as expensive.

4) A kitsch yet useful trinket. Exhibit (4) is a keyring that doubles as a bottle opener. Yep, an important tool that can make him so popular at parties, because beer bottles can sometimes be a bitch, especially when no one brings the opener.

5) Casual sneakers. For those SO's who wear basketball shoes with jeans (unless your SO is a fashion guy and wears basketball shoes intentionally in an outfit not meant for the court). Call this one of my pet peeves, casual sneakers are one of the first things I ever bought Leon two years ago. There is a time for both kinds of shoes - what you wear with your jersey and hoodie will not always work with your t-shirt and jeans. I think gifting is the perfect excuse to give this to him because if you tell him outright that his basketball shoes don't match his outfit, he will probably take offense.

6) A great phone case. Again, he might love his super stylized, cartoon character phone case, but a solid leather case screams chic and manly. It's just one of those things, I guess.


Cardigan: Abercrombie & Fitch// The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson// Satchel: ASOS// Back Scratcher: Annabel Chaffer// Tumbler: Thermos// Planner: Jack Wills

1) A great cardigan. My dad is a North Face puffy jacket worshipper. He has them in various neon colors - orange, yellow and most recently, green. While there is nothing wrong with that (or is there, because I really want to burn those things!), it just wouldn't do for a winter event that calls for a little more formal wear. So a great, warm cardigan he can use for those instead. They're still comfy, and a lot more pleasing to the eyes.

2) A good book. Does your dad like to read? Do you know what genres he prefer? Why not get him a good book or two. There are so many good reads out there. He likes dystopian fictions? Aldous Huxley and George Orwell have made the two defining novels in the genre, both of which I know and love. Horror? Stephen King. Crime novels? The Millenium Series by Stieg Larsson. Sometimes I get my dad a book I have already read, so that we can discuss it after he has finished. It's how we bond.

3) A satchel. Does your dad still lug around that backpack with all those pockets that he could never find anything in? Maybe it's time to update his style with a leather satchel. Yes, at first maybe he'll resist change and grumble that it's not his style and all that, but trust me, once he gets the hang of it, he will thank you ( know how stubborn dads can be sometimes)

4) Something you know he will like, like a back scratcher.'s an odd gift yeah, but especially if he used to ask you to scratch his back for him, this would be such a funny, special gift. 

5) A Tumbler. Is your daddy a coffee guy? Or does he work all these long shifts? Get him a hot mug to get his coffee to go and maybe make another for later. A classic chrome or bronze will do, but choose metal over plastic, it's much better. 

6) A Journal or Planner. Yes, okay, dads would probably have their phone. But a good journal is always something they could use. They can write thoughts, errands and everything in between. 


Socks: Happy Socks// Insults & Comebacks Book// Beanie: ASOS// Wallet: River Island// PS4 Camera: Sony// Water Bottle: Gentleman's Hardware

1) Snazzy sock set. Very simple and yet a lot of personality. Even if your brother or friends won't wear the polkadot sweater you so lovingly bought them, not many can say the same for socks.

2) A gag book. These are not the same books as the ones in the DAD column. These are those things that pique their interest, at least for a while. Even if you don't think they'd read it, they will =)

3) Beanie. Okay, maybe a pom pom on top is a bit far-fetching, but a nice, warm beanie, one they can throw on when they miss the alarm, or when it's just really cold out. Choose one with some texture but keep to basic colors for more wearability.

4) A wallet. Yes, they may have a velcro-fastened, neon-hued wallet that even has that attached chain detail thing, but I think it's time for an intervention. A folded, leather or canvas wallet in that right size just big enough to fit pockets is something I think guys should own at least by the time they leave highschool. 

5) Something for their console/phone/gadget. Boys will be boys, and a large part of that is them on their gadget playing games and using all the latest apps. While a new console/phone/gadget would definitely be pricy, an add-on, like the PS4 camera above, is a little more acceptable, and they would love you for it, hands down.

6) A Novelty Item. Something a little cool they would use - like this water bottle. Again, always check vintage/novelty shops and sites like Etsy for those special items.

Did you like this list? Stay tuned for the women version soon! Cheers x - Che



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