Still Not A Morning Person

Top: Pull & Bear// Shorts and Bag: Forever 21// Boots and Chain: Stradivarius// Watch: ASOS

Macao continues with the weather fart. It still feels like summer, and at the same time, I shxt you not but the weather was perfectly sunny only 30 minutes before these photos were taken. When we finally got down to business it had become dark and overcast, and windy! I mean, just look at my hair! Bipolar, as usual. Go figure.

Anyways, since it isn't cold enough for jackets, I've had to express my love for fall a different way - by wearing those fall staple colors like burgundy, brown and gold, as well as the color of these new shorts I'm wearing, which is forest green. I have a small deficiency of green clothes in my closet, so when I found these shorts, had to snap them up immediately. Love the fall appropriate print as well.

Life-wise, well, let's just say I am getting tired of sitting and doing nothing. I mean, I know I deserve a break after a year of really brain-eating work but I just can't wait to get out again. I keep telling myself 'when everything is back to absolute normality, I can get back to work' oh but how I wish now normality would come a little sooner. Sigh, how's autumn in your part of the world sweeties? I hope it's better than ours. See you soon - Che



  1. Oh Che, try to enjoy your free time. Make a list of this you want to do now you are still without a job and DO them! Seriously, when you're working again you're going to miss it and will not have time for specific stuff. Let me know what's on your to do list - next post maybe haha ;).

    Autumn here in the Netherlands is staring to kick in big time... cold as hell, rainy and everything is turning orange and yellow. Very happy to be able to start layering my favorite clothing for fall, but wouldn't mind a little after summer heat like you have in Macao. Definately loving your after summer/autumn colored look, uber cute!


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    1. hehe...I'm trying to enjoy...but I'm confused as to how to go about it...does that make sense? Thank you for your sweet comment tho Lucia!

  2. I know how you feel, because I get the same way - I like staying busy, even though that often leads to me getting in over my head in activities...sigh. Take time to enjoy this period of your life and relax! :)
    Anyway, that top always makes me laugh. I seriously need this shirt in my life.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Amazing <3
    Very nice pics:-)
    INSTAGRAM: sissihope

  4. I love how you put your outfit together. Funny shirt, cute shorts and great bag.


  5. I love how you put your outfit together. Funny shirt, cute shorts and great bag.


  6. Haha, that shirt is amusing! I'm not a morning person either...yuck!

  7. We have had some interesting weather as well. Makes it hard to get dressed! Love your tee. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  8. What an amazing outfit! Those shorts are fabulous and I absolutely love that top and the text haha ;) :)


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