Disco Vans

Sneakers: Vans// Jacket: Zara men// Skirt: Sevenshow// Sweater: local store// Bracelets: local stores and Forever 21

Hi! I'm streetstyle Barbie =)

It's not easy not to get sucked into all the sneaker love going on nowadays. But the key is finding sneakers that will scream you, like these silver sparkly Vans, don't they just scream me?

It was love at first sight. I was sitting in a bus, daydreaming about who knows what. Then these catch my eye from a sneaker shop across the street. Glittery, sparkly, me. There's a pink and black version as well, but these silvery ones were the best. I told my boy that I loved them, but I didn't really wear sneakers. Poof, he bought them for me this Christmas =) And they are beyond perfection.

I was having a debate with myself whether or not to pair it with an equally girly skirt. Yep finally, this skirt reaches my blog. It was so me when I bought it, but then I couldn't find a way to make it not look like I was a member of the brat pack. Well problem solved (I think). The key was this Zara men jacket, which is my present to Leon. Pfft. Sharing between couples strengthens the relationship right? Bwahahahaha, he can wear my clothes if he wants to anytime.

Anyways, just enjoying the last days of 2013. Keeping busy and planning what for me, is going to be a pivotal 2014. It's high time I start planning where I want to be in two years. That's one of my resolutions this year, no more sitting on my bum waiting for life to pass by. I'm gonna grab it all myself. Well, I will see you in a few days, what are your plans in 2014? - Che



  1. Love love love your Vans!!



  2. You sure are streetstyle Barbie. Love it!


  3. Oh, what gorgeous shoes! And what a sweet boyfriend (: You always have the most stunning edgy looks. Happy new year!

    1. Happy New Year to you to Lily! I love your comment, made me mush inside, thank you =)

  4. It's like a party on your feet! Haha, these are awesome Vans Chezka, I'm jealous <3
    Hope you have an awesome New Year!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

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  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have cool style - very casual and chic - just what I like. The skirt has beautiful shades, and looks becoming on you.

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  9. Oh dear, thank you for visiting my blog, your blog is still amazing. do you wanna follow each other ? well let me know it on my blog I am waiting for you. and by the way I wish you a happy new year may it be filed with love, peace and joy. xo


  10. Perfect style beauty ! Your shoes are adorable and I love your beautiful skirt. You are very pretty :)


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