Smart Casual

Shirt: Bossini// Jeans: Oasis// Blazer: vintage (tailor-made)// Bag & shoes: local store

Yep, for today, the outfit is one of my usuals (sans heels) for everyday - a blazer, a shirt and jeans. Though usually, the shoes I wear are either flat boots or my wedge sneakers. But I did promise to wear more of my we are! These heels could be considered my first 'blogger' type shoes - they are three years old.

Anyways, how's life for you lately??  Mine, surprisingly, is doing well. Just taking my time to do the things I could never do with a full class/work schedule. But I am also itching for something time, maybe.  For now I am wrapped in a blanket with a box of tissues because I have the flu, so see you soon?

- Che


Photos by: Leon




  1. I like the animal print pants - great for S/S13 african safari trend!

    Would be great if you would take a look at my latest outfit post: Sports Luxe Stripes & Trainer Wedges Thanks! xx

  2. Very nice shirt. Great day.

  3. love that animal printed pants..... :)


  4. Those pants are amazing! Love the blazer & your blog.

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    Kali Now Living

  5. Beautiful blog! This outfit is so cute! Love the blazer and flannel top.

    If you get a sec, check out me latest post... ' Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend.' I would love to read what you think.

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  6. Loving this look, you pull off those pants perfectly :)


  7. thank u for the comm ,love ur blog ,I follow u xx hope u do the same..


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