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So, here's another article I made for What I Wear a few months ago, about steps on how plus-size ladies (like me) can dress more stylishly - like me?? Maybe...Being a chubby girl for most of my life, I know how it is to be afraid of dressing up the way I want to - hey, I wore all-black for two years, and then went for baggy, shapeless stuff right after. And so I agreed to do this article.

Here's the original text from the article, written by none other than yours truly (and for good measure, I've put some pictures from my blog just for you, my lovely readers):

1. Buy clothes that fit right

I used to buy clothes that were very baggy (not the good kind of baggy) for the purpose of trying to look slimmer. Well, it didn't work. Not only did I look even bigger, I wasn't very comfortable in them. Now I always buy clothes that fit right. I still have some baggy pieces, but that's because I want them to be. If you have the chance to try them on, try them first. And if they don't fit? Well, it's not the end of the world. There are plenty of other stores with similar or even better items!

2. Invest in add-ons

I invest in good shoes, bags, and accessories - not only will they always fit you, they always complete an outfit! Buy add-ons that fit your style, like neon colors, studs, or flowers! It's all up to you really!

3. Play with proportions

To me, this is very important, and will take some practice. Proportioning focuses on those parts you want to tone down - my focus is usually on my middle section, so I usually wear a loose shirt, or high-waisted shorts with a belt! It is also about accentuating those parts you do like; if you like your legs, then wear fitted jeans or shorts, if it's your arms then maybe a tank short, tone down what you don't like to show, and flaunt those that you do, the right proportions can work like a charm!

4. Go through your wardrobe

Experiment on your looks by taking the time to go and mix and match the clothes you have in your closet, you may never know what items you'll be pairing! To avoid panicking, which will usually lead to the stand-by rather than a whole new look, I always go into my closet beforehand (like a hobby), mix and match my clothing for a few hours, then take pictures of the looks I like, that way I can just check them out when I don’t have much time to dress up.

5.) Have fun

For some plus-size girls, it can be frightening to go out of the box, but honestly we can also wear -  and look good - in crazy prints, neon colors and even short hemlines! Black should just be another color option, ladies, not a color must!

6.) Confidence, confidence, confidence!

So now you've got this awesome look, you’ve bought the right clothes, and you’ve added the right accessories and you’ve also mastered the right balance, all there is now is for you to wear the look with pride. Who will believe you look good if you yourself are not confident that you do? Keep your head high, smile, and strut those curves - you look beautiful already!

That's it, some style tips for plus size ladies out there, I hope you enjoyed reading these tips, and that I have helped you step up your style. Thanks for reading lovelies!


And that's it! I hope you lovelies appreciate this post =) I really did enjoy writing this because, as the title states, it's close to me, and I really appreciate being given the chance to write it! Till next time lovelies,

- Che



  1. hiii doll. love your. outfit are awesome come and vist sometime

  2. Great ideas! just happens to me. I think you'll always very stylish


  3. thanks for sharing! very great!

  4. This is one of the reasons why I followed your blog. Because the first time I saw this, I know I can relate. I'm big bone and malaman. My body is such a yoyo, gain wt then lose wt, repeat. There are only few plus size person who really know how to dress like you! You're amazing! And true, balance and confidence is the key. Stay FAB! :D

    xx Diana

    1. Aww, thanks Diana for such a sweet comment, I don't think I'm that stylish but I really try to dress up the way I want to! This praise coming from one of my readers is really meaningful to me :) thanks again

  5. You dress so well and know how to wear clothes for your body type - you honestly are a wonderful plus-size fashion blogger, and I am so glad you got to write this article! You're an inspiration for a lot of people girl :) Keep it up!

    Trendy Teal

  6. I really really love this! Being a plus size too, I find your style sooo inspiring :) Keep up the great work!


  7. this is really fabulous! i have gained a few pound over the last couple years and i think hiding the body makes me feel worse. to be honest i kind of like the extra weight, why not show it off?!

  8. totally agree with all the points you mentioned above!
    i have a friend who's a plus size, but she's always scared to try new things..thinking that it wouldn't look good on her. so she ended wearing same type of clothes or same cut.
    i've been trying to boost her confidence up with anything i could!
    i'll show her your post..i guess it'll help a lot ;)
    thank you!


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