Foshan | Lazy Sunday on the Mainland

Hello, so here's a little thing I've been meaning to share with you lovelies: I've been staying in Le Cong (Fo Shan, China) since last Friday! Leon's parents invited me to stay over for a couple of days with them. This was the first time that I've felt totally immersed in Chinese culture. It was a culture shock, believe me, though I've lived in Macao all my life.  But Le Cong is a nice, easy living sort of place, their main import being furniture. And there's a lot of furniture - malls and malls of it.

One thing that particularly alarmed me was that there was no Blogger and Facebook, though Leon found a way around it for me after a few days. I had to get my sister to post my last post for me, as I couldn't, and it was making me so anxious...I can't stay calm if I don't check my blog at least once a day!

Anyways, this is the lazy Sunday outfit I wore when we checked out the Furniture City - worn with my own DIY'ed oxfords, last shown here. There's nothing special about the outfit except that it was comfortable for the long walk. We checked furniture we might never buy for hours...haha, making ideas for an indefinite future home I suppose, but it was fun =) I'll still be here for a couple more days so maybe one more post about Leon's hometown coming up soon. Till then sweeties, and thank you so much to everyone who congratulated Carla and me for the graduation post, I really appreciate it

- Che

Top: Forever 21//Pants: Black Moss (local)//Shoes: DIY//Necklace: KPP


Photos by: Leon Li



  1. you look gorgous! i love your jewelry and your shoes!

  2. Hi! i like your top, it looks really good on you and your shooooess!!! :-)

  3. Great outfit I especially love your shoes!


  4. lovely outfit.
    xo, Petra

  5. I love the neon cap toe detailing on the shoes! :) I've been meaning to a DIY like that for a while now!

  6. Simple but still stylish - that's my fave kind of outfit :)
    Awesome striped trousers and DIY oxfords!

    Trendy Teal

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  10. awesome shoes!

  11. oh i love lazy sundays! Hope you had a lot of fun and enjoyed it - love your shoes :)
    x the cookies

  12. Wow! Sounds like such a fun way to spend a Sunday! Have a fabulous trip!!

  13. I like pants so much! Great look!

    Im following you, would you like to follow each other¿


  14. I love your blog, You have awesome style. Would you like to follow each other via gfc, bloglovin or more?

  15. amazing shoes and amazing pictures! You're gorgeous! xxx

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    BIG hair LOUD mouth

    1. Thank you for visting me! I follow you :) Hope you support me back!

  17. Thnx for the lovely comment! Nice outfit!

  18. This is such a great casual outfit, keep it up!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  19. Thanks for visiting our blog!
    Haha, I am the opposite. I wish it was still hot here. I miss my summer clothes. =(
    And fall is too short here ><
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    Have a good week!

  20. You have such a cute style! Thank you so much for visiting my blog :-)

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