Hey lovelies, it's been a long time, hope you still know me: Chezka from Oddcandy. I stopped blogging (again) for a long time, because I lost the time and means to update my blog. A lot of shitty things have happened, but now I'm back, and with another major change to my blog : The name.

I will still be Oddcandy, but I guessed it was time I used a simpler name, something my closest family and friends call me, which is Che.

I really do hope this is the final change I will make to this blog which I love, and that I will not stop blogging again.

- Che



  1. I am so loving your accessories <3 <3 <3 Awesome collection and confidence girl ^_^

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.It means a lot to me and my efforts :D
    And I am glad you liked my TANGERINE TANGO week ^_^

    Keep visiting

    P.s. I am your new GFC followers.Hope you too follow mine ^_^

  2. Hi Chezka I love your style! Its very chic and edgy :D You look great! love your shoes too! :D i like how you put your own style into everything! :D Thanks for dropping by my blog too and leaving a lovely comment :D Would love it if we could follow each other ;) just starting following you :D

  3. Welcome back Gurr!! Love the new name, it's more personal and you.
    Call me sometimes, I missed doing shoots with you!

    xo, Carla

  4. Yeah, that's true, I guess I got tired of having to dress too weirdly just to live up to my blog's name, I miss shooting with you too, just tell me which days you're free!!


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