I'M WEARING>> Top: Zara// Pants: H&M// Bag: Michael Kors// Shoes: Adidas

At this rate, I am just about done with summer. These last few weeks have been abysmal, with every weekend so far having heavy rains followed by unbearable humidity. Macau, you make it so hard to achieve streetstyle. I can't wait for the dry, cool, climate of fall and winter.

It shows with the trajectory of my outfits lately, as I once again reach for the darker pieces in my wardrobe, and while shopping. I dunno if it's much of a surprise for all you repeat readers, but for the new ones, here's a little secret - I've already started buying jackets. Haha, or at least started dreaming of buying jackets. And not just lightweight stuff either, but heavy, fur-lined, maybe velvet jackets. Hahaha. Yes, I am a bit insane.

Anyways, since out Saturday was a bust photo-wise, Leon and I made up for it with this set. I had picked up some last few pieces from the summer sale, and these pants were one of them. I don't regret it, these are awesome pants. Actually, I didn't do much shopping at all. Just bits and pieces, oh and the less glamorous grocery shopping, including buying plastic laundry baskets and choosing between brands of cereal. Sometimes it's so relaxing to get to do these homey, domestic things, don't you think? I think you'd actually find me very boring if it all came down to it.

But back to my outfit. I still love the nautical trend, always have, always will. It's just one of those things. I thought this pier made an amazing backdrop, though it smelled really gross. tee hee.

Anyways, hopefully I'll have some more material for you soon! Till next time, lovelies - Che 

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