Spring Lady

Dress: MPT// Blazer: Sunstar// Purse: Mango// Belt: vintage// Booties: Nine West


Ugh, here is my tired face. Two days straight waking up at 5 a.m. is taking its toll on me, and it's showing in my photos. I didn't realize my eyes were so squinty until after the shoot and I saw them. By then I was so tired to continue so I guess these would have to do. 

No, actually it still doesn't feel like spring - if anything, it's colder. But why not? I love this dress, I bought it in Carla's shop two Christmases ago. It doesn't come with the belt but don't they match so well?? Anyways, April...finally...would you believe it my blog will turn one soon? I am so excited because it is such a milestone for me - this might be my third blog but it's my first anniversary. I hope you'll celebrate with me?? See you soon,

- Che

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  1. Such a cute outfit, love your bright yellow cardi!


  2. Gourgeous look! Amazing colours!!! ♥
    I'm your newest fan ♥


  3. I adore the colour of that blazer girl!! I really need a colour like that in my wardrobe..it suits you so nicely :) xo

  4. definitely loving this sense of style and perfect taste!
    amazing site, dear, hope youll follow back <3


  5. Great photos! :) And a lovely springtime outfit, even if the weather doesn't match.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Yours is lovely, you've just gained a follower :D

    Helen at http://uhhelsyeah.blogspot.co.uk

  6. I love bright colours this season! Lovely cardigan! x


  7. Hi! very cool it!
    If you want we can follow each other. Just to add to my friends and I will come back to you!