Candy's Summer List

Summer summer, it's on the brink, almost upon us...I could feel it now, Macao is getting (thank goodness) warmer and warmer. Recently, I've been wearing springy outfits day in, day out - tee, shorts - and I do not start shivering when the sun goes down anymore.

A major part of my summer has always been swimming, seriously, one of the only reasons I want summer to happen every good swimwear is always part of my summer to-buy list, and I've already started looking. For reasons of body size and level of confidence, I do not wear two-piece bikinis (I can't! I'm sorry) so I had to look for a substitute that still looked quite stylish while covering more than what a bikini could...hence, the monokini and/or cutout one-pieces. Actually, I already have one, a lovely taupe monokini, which I abused and over-used last year, so I really have to buy a new one for this year.

Here are some I've seen over the internet - way over price range - but still good for inspiration so I know what to buy when I actually start shopping.

I'm in love with this Miu Miu bikini - bows get me all the time
I like the color scheme of this Herve Leger
Awww - monokini by Rosa Cha
Hmmm...This print is the best of the group - and the colours are fab!! I want something like this :( This is by Juicy Couture
This is also quite pretty! so simple yet striking! By Cheap Monday
Also on my list are some makeup for the upcoming heat, especially since my job is mostly outdoors :

I love Benefit Cosmetics. They make me happy just by looking at the packaging - which are so cute they could be collectibles! This summer I plan to stock on some of their products, preferably their You-Rebel and Benetint. Oh, and lots and lots of sunscreen - I don't really know what brand is good; any suggestions??

Finally, I want to share with you all something I've been crushing on for a while now: the most beautiful pair of sneakers I've ever seen, which I saw on a client at AJ Hackett (I even compliemented her on it) - I'm in love! - and that's saying a lot, seeing as I am not a fan of it is:

Yes, the Adidas x Jeremy Scott collection - I want want want these sneakers, badly!! wings + comfy feet = Candy love! I start the search now!

That's it for now, lovelies! Of course, my summer needs are more than this, but if I put them all here we might take all day. These are the necessities (Yes, the sneakers are a necessity! I need those shoes!)

Sorry I haven't been posting, loves, work is all over me right now. But I'll try and post soon! 
Anyways, till next time lovelies, kisses!

- Che -


  1. I love the swimwears u listed Che! M on the lookout for new bikinis/tankinis/monokins anything for swimming and you just gave me inspirations! You know when ot comes to swimming u always got me darling and I'm just as excited as you are! Can't wait for our first swimming hang out this summer!

    Love ya,

  2. I know I know!! I'm soooo excited! Cheoc Van is waiting for us na :)

    Love ya also, gurr!

    - Che -


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